Using the Zoo

Make your project or event idea a reality!

The Zoo is a student-run black-box theater designed to host both student-initiated independent projects and Theatre Department 500/700 work. It is a unique space on Middlebury’s campus, and it’s vital that we maintain it properly so that all students have an effective space where they can express their creativity onstage.

It is the Zoo Crew‘s goal to make the Zoo as accessible as possible to everyone. To get started, check out our Step-By-Step Guide to putting on a show in the Zoo. Once you get the ball rolling, please read the Rules and Guidelines throughly and well in-advance of your event.

Questions? Contact us!

  • Zoo Keeper: Madison Middleton (
  • Treasurer: Cooper Kelley (
  • Technical Director: Charlie Porto (
  • Staff Advisor: Courtney Smith (

The Zoo Crew is here to help but not as a 24-hour hotline. Get in touch with us early if you have questions. Send us an email and set-up a meeting!

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