Budget and Ticketing

Independent Project Budgets

  • The Zoo typically funds projects with budgets anywhere between $200 to $600.
  • If a show does not wish to sell tickets, its budget cannot exceed $200.
  • If you need to purchase rights for your show, the Zoo Keeper and Treasurer will set up a meeting through the Student Activities Office, and they will purchase the rights with you and Maria Farnsworth.
  • The Treasurer will give each show their budget code after they have handed in a copy of their proposed budget. Budget proposals can be found below.
  • If your show goes over-budget, you will be charged personally.

How to Use Your Budget

  • Budget Code
    • You will receive your budget code from Stephanie once your budget proposal has been approved. You can use this code on campus as well as most places in town. This is a great way to use your budget, because you don’t have to wait to be reimbursed.
    • If you abuse the budget code, your access to it will be immediately revoked, and you will be required to pay out of pocket for everything.
  • Credit Card
    • You can go talk to SAO and use their credit card to purchase anything online. This is great for big purchases like the rights to your show because you don’t have to go out of pocket and wait to be reimbursed. Talk to Madeleine and Stephanie before approaching SAO to use the credit card.
  • Reimbursement
    • You may also choose to pay for items out of pocket. It can take several weeks to be reimbursed, if you choose to do this. Make sure to keep all of your receipts, and write on each receipt that you submit for reimbursement your NAME, BOX NUMBER, and ID NUMBER.
    • Please give all receipts with NAME, BOX NUMBER, and ID NUMBER to Stephanie within a week after purchase date.
  • Keeping Track
    • Use the spreadsheet provided below to keep track of all of your expenses. Keep all receipts (without receipts you cannot be reimbursed).

After Your Show

  • After your show you will set up a meeting with the Treasurer.
    • Bring the spreadsheet and receipts to the meeting with Stephanie.  It will be used to balance the budget and reimburse you for any personal expenses.

Again, if you go over budget, it’s taken out of your pocket.


  • If you request a budget for your show that exceeds $200 you must charge for tickets.
  • At least three weeks before your show opens email Debby Anderson (danderso@middlebury.edu) at the Box Office to set up tickets being sold. Follow any and all rules the Debby Anderson sets forth if she sends you emails, answer them!
  • Standard tickets are $6.
  • Any profits of independent shows are returned to the Zoo. 700 profits go to the theatre department.


Please find budget requests here. You must submit a budget request to the treasurer in order to receive your budget code. Once you have completed your request, email or hand your request to mlrussell@middlebury.edu

Zoo Budget Request PDF

Zoo Budget Request Excel


Please find the spreadsheet for expense tracking here.

Zoo Expense Tracking PDF

Zoo Expense Tracking Excel

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