Furniture, Props, and Costumes

Props and Furniture

  • Email Jim Dougherty ( as soon as you have an idea of what you need for your show. Jim can help suggest where to find things and can set up a date for a loan visit. Please talk to Jim early and be respectful of his time. Do not walk into the scene shop expecting him to drop everything to help you.
  • There is a $25 fee to borrow furniture or props from the theatre department.
  • You may not take furniture or other items from ANY lounge or common space.
  • Painting or other transformations of items from the theatre department should be discussed with Jim.


  • Get in touch with Costume Department’s Mira Veikley ( and Carol Wood ( Talk to Mira and Carol early about the possibility of borrowing costumes from the shop.
  • Costumes need to be dry cleaned before returning. Budget in approximately $15/item for dry cleaning.
  • Items borrowed from the Theatre Department must be returned in the same condition as they were when you received them.

Jim, Mira, and Carol have blackout dates due to faculty shows. During these blackouts, they will not have time to accommodate anyone else. Reach out to them early to address your needs. Make sure to check-in about their blackout dates, so you know when they are available.

Truck Trips

  • If you are borrowing more than hand props, you MUST have a truck trip.
  • Plan your load-in truck trip with the show before yours and your load-out truck trip with the show after yours.
  • Endeavor to schedule truck trips for the morning after load-out/load-in. Note that truck trips cannot be scheduled for a weekend.
  • Schedule your truck trips at least 2 weeks in advance through Jim Doughtery (
  • Consider how truck trips influence your budget. Truck trips cost $25 per facility worker per hour. Usually a truck trip consists of two facility workers. You can request to just have one.
  • You must be there for your truck trip.
  • Prepare for your truck trip by leaving your returning set pieces and props in one corner of the Zoo. Do not block the fire exits.

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