Loading-In and Loading-Out

  • If your event consists of a show weekend, you will load in the Sunday after the previous production. This will coincide with that show’s strike. You will load out and strike the Sunday after your final show.
  • The cast, crew, and Zoo Liaison of both productions must attend load-in and load-out.
  • If there is a week of “dead time” between your show and the show previous, you are still required to help them load out.
  • What needs to happen Sunday:
    • Strike all set pieces. Return all hardware to correct locations.
    • Move all furniture, set pieces, props, and costumes to one corner of the Zoo, to make room for the new show.
    • Strike any and all lights that the next show does not want left out and return them neatly to the lighting closet. Return and file all gels in the gel cabinet.
    • Sweep and mop the floor first then paint the walls and floor back to black if they have been painted.
    • Pick up and throw away all trash. Recycle programs left in the risers.
    • Move the risers into position for the next show.
    • Remove all “Performance in Progress” signs from doors.
    • Remove all personal belongings and clean the downstairs Hepburn Lounge. This space needs to be left cleaner that it is found.
    • Remove all personal belongings and clean the booth.
    • Remove all personal belongings and clean the dressing room/hardware room. This space should be left cleaner and neater than it was found.

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