Technology Help

Computer Use

Each show will get their own login, which they are expected to use for the duration of their work in the Zoo. You will get your login once you have shown your budget to the Zoo Treasurer.

Please save everything you do to either your desktop or documents folder, NOT directly to Macintosh HD. This keeps the shows’ files separate and allows us to quickly get rid of your stuff once you strike. If you want to keep youmacr files, let us know so you can quickly copy your files to DVD, flash drive, Tigercat, etc.

We run QLab with the Pro Video add-on module. We recommend that sound\video designers take advantage of this by downloading QLab (free except for the Video add-on) and building the bulk of the show from home. You can copy the show to our computer, re-link your sound, and you should be ready to go. We have four discreet audio channels fed into four speakers, essentially quadrophonic surround sound.

We have one digital projector than can be placed almost anywhere in the Zoo and can be controlled via QLab as well. The computer can drive up to three digital projectors at once, although you will have to borrow the other two from other sources such as LIS in the library.

Trouble Shooting

I’m not getting any sound…

First, make sure all necessary equipment is turned on: the two power amps under the table, the mixing console, the M-BOX (which should never be turned off) and the computer.

If that doesn’t fix it, try plugging in an iPod\Laptop to the mixer. If you get sound from your iPod, that means there’s something wrong with the M-BOX or the computer.

Make sure that all four audio cables connecting the M-BOX to the mixer are securely connected.

Make sure that “Firewire 410” is selected as your output source: open System Preferences, click on “Sound” then click the “Output” tab and select “Firewire 410”.

If you are getting sound via iTunes, but not QLab, go to QLab preferences, click on “Sound”, and make sure all channels are patched to “Firewire 410”.

I’m having trouble projecting video…

First, make sure the projector is properly plugged into the computer, and that all cables are tightly secured.

Make sure the projector is on.

Go to System Preferences, click on “Displays”, then click “Detect Displays”. This should start the projector and the Computer talking to each other.

If the projector is projecting desktop, but won’t project from QLab, quit and reopen QLab, go to QLab preferences, click on “Video” and patch the second display to the projector.

Then click on a specific video cue, go to “Geometry” and under “Display Patch” select number 2.

If a cue doesn’t play properly (garbled or projects a green rectangle), there’s a problem with your video file. QLab should properly display any video that Quicktime can play, but there have been occasional problems. Try re-compressing your video file into a different format or contact QLab support at

Is there a CD Player?

Sure. Just pop a CD into the computer and open iTunes.

Should you need a honest to goodness real standalone CD player (why would you, honestly?) we have one in the wood closet. The main Zoo key unlocks it, but MAKE SURE YOU LOCK IT AGAIN.

Can I install Extra software on the Computer?

If you need something extra that you are able to obtain 100% legally, then you probably can. Email us at with specific requests, we need to know exactly what’s on there.

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