Computer Use

Just some quick guidelines and notes to follow

    Each show will get their own login, which they are expected to use for the duration of their work in the Zoo. You will get your login once you have shown your budget to the Zoo Treasurer.

Please save everything you do to either your desktop or documents folder, NOT directly to Macintosh HD. This keeps the shows’ files separate and allows us to quickly get rid of your stuff once you strike the show. If you want to keep youmacr files, let us and know and quickly copy your files to DVD, flash drive, Tigercat…whatever.

    We run QLab with the Pro Video add-on module. We recommend that sound\video designers take advantage of this by downloading QLab (its free except for the Video add-on) and building the bulk of the show from home. You can copy the show to our computer, re-link your sound and you should be ready to go. We have four discreet audio channels fed into four speakers––quadrophonic surround sound essentially.

    We have one digital projector than can be placed almost anywhere in the Zoo and can be controlled via QLab as well. The computer can drive up to three digital projectors at once, although you will have to borrow the other two from other sources such as LIS in the library.

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