Rules and Guidelines

Start and End of Semester Cleanups

  • At the start and end of each semester a Zoo Cleanup is organized to keep the space clean and running smoothly.
  • 700s and 500s will fail their class if they don’t show up
  • Not a 700? You are still required to be there.

Zoo Basic Rules

  • No live animals.
  • Water and fire should be discussed with the Zoo Keeper and Hallie.
  • No drinking in the Zoo.
  • Smoking is never allowed in the Zoo. The Zoo is located in a residential building. There is nothing we can do to change this rule.
  • No lights on the fire sprinklers or hammer beams. None.
  • Do not take furniture or other items from ANY lounge or common space, this includes the Hepburn Lounge downstairs.
  • The back hallway and hallway downstairs next to the stairs must be kept clear at all times. NOTHING may be stored in these spaces. This is a fire safety regulation. The Zoo can be shut down if this is not followed.
  • When the risers are set up there can be no more than 7 chairs to an aisle. This is a fire safety regulation.
  • The Zoo room capacity is 90 and assumes the use of 7 risers with 44 chairs, with other seating provided on the floor and keeping all aisles and exits clear. A crew/cast of up to 12 is allowed in the booth an backstage areas in addition to the audience. If you have a crew larger than 12, your overall capacity decreases accordingly. (e.g. If you have a 13-person cast and crew, your seating capacity is 89. 14 people? Capacity is 88. etc.) We cannot go over this capacity or we will be shut down.
  • At least one fire exit needs to be clear and visible.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

  • Painting needs to be done outside or in the Zoo, not in the stairwells.
  • Custodial walks through the Zoo often to make sure it is in decent condition. The Zoo doesn’t have to be spotless, but it needs to be walkable.
  • If you have props that are iffy (e.g. alcohol bottles or herbal cigarettes) please mark them as props so that custodial does not throw them away/think we are going wild. You can also store them out of sight.
  • The Zoo needs to be locked every night to keep valuables (such as tools and computers) safe. This includes back doors, front door, and the paint room. All the locks work and this is why you have the keys.
  • Keep the adjoined rooms clean as well (paint closet, tool room, and storage closet).

Zoo Assets

  • The Zoo provides only enough black paint to repaint the floor after each show (i.e. if you paint the walls orange, you have to paint them back to black at load out with paint FROM YOUR BUDGET. Plan accordingly).
  • Paint the floor any color you want, and it will stay that way when you leave.
  • There are black curtains in the Zoo, but if you still need more, get in touch with Allison Rimmer.
  • The Zoo has some wood, but not much, so don’t count on Zoo wood supplies to build. However do take a look at the Zoo supplies before buying your own.

Please check back here soon for a complete list of Zoo Lighting Instruments, Paints, Hardware, and Tools!

Very Important

One person who is not onstage, but will be in the audience nightly needs to be a Middlebury College registered Crowd Manager. You will NOT get keys to the Zoo until you give the Zookeeper the name(s) of your crowd manager(s).

Show Nights

  • Put up and take down signs every night saying that there is a show in progress.
  • You cannot kick anyone out of the lounge unless they are watching TV during show times (not rehearsals).
  • Change in the back room of the Zoo, or in the lounge. If you are using the lounge be decent. It’s a common space, and we will respect that.
  • Close the door and put a sign on the kitchen.
  • If you borrow one of the tables from the lounge for house management, it needs to go back that night! You cannot borrow lounge furniture for the shows.

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