Zoo Crew

The Zoo Crew is a team of students who keep the Hepburn Zoo running. They attend Zoo planning meetings and clean-ups, and often take on leadership positions.

The Zoo Crew is led by the Zoo Keeper. This individual is your main contact point for anything Zoo related until your Zoo Liaison is assigned. The current Zoo Keeper is Kayla Schwartz ‘23.5 (kaschwartz@middlebury.edu).

The Treasurer is your point person for budgeting, expenditure requests, etc. The current Zoo Treasurer is August Siegel ’25 (asiegel@middlebury.edu).

The Technical Director is in charge of inventory and all technical needs. The current Technical Director is Ryan Greguski ’25 (rgreguski@middlebury.edu).

The Zoo Liaisons are Zoo Crew members interested in leadership roles with lower commitment throughout the semester. The Zoo Liaisons are assigned to projects hosted in the Zoo and act as their point-person. They must be well-versed in Zoo procedures.

Want to join the Zoo Crew?
We’re always looking for new Crew members! No prior experience required. Reach out to ztheater@middlebury.edu or kaschwartz@middlebury. We’ll get back to you ASAP.

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